Callantsoog: holiday on the North Sea


Weekend away to the sea?

Callantsoog is a beautiful sea resort situated on the North Sea Coast, directly behind the dunes.

In and around the centre activities are organised year round. The reason why numerous tourists visit this village yearly. In the neighbourhood of Callantsoog you will find the nice coast villages of Julianadorp and Groote Keeten.

At a short distance of Callantsoog are the villages Petten, Schoorl and Bergen.

You are at the right place in Callantsoog if you want to go out for dinner, have cocktails or want to lounge near the beach. The various night clubs are beautifully situated and very hospitable.

Just outside the village is the National Park “Het Zwanenwater”.
This approximately 1,482 acre dune area is suitable for hiking, cycling and enjoying nature.

Callantsoog is very recommendable for a holiday or for a weekend stay at North Sea Chalets.

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