Ameland: a pearl in the Wadden Sea


Ameland is known by its splendid nature, broad beaches, picturesque villages, great facilities (pubs etc.) to have a good time. Fairs and parties organised on Ameland will let you enjoy the nice atmosphere but you can also find loads of quiet places.

From Holwerd a ferry will take you to the beautiful island of Ameland in 45 minutes.

Ameland is certainly suitable to discover by foot or by bike. Bikes can be rented everywhere so it will be no problem to travel around the island. Hiking excursions are also organised. It is possible to make a tour by tractor to the national park De Hon and you can make your own mustard at the Mill ‘De Verwachting’ (English: The Expectation).
We promise you that you’ll enjoy the spectacular demonstration of the rescue boat that is pulled by 10 giant horses over the beach into the sea.

The village of Buren has a couple of small shops, nice restaurants and pubs. Just outside the village of Buren fishing ponds can be found. They are filled with trout.

The village of Nes is built around the church tower of 1723. If you like cosy crowded places, you’ll like Nes. In this picturesque village you’ll find cute and trendy shops and restaurants with heated terraces.

The small village of Hollum is known for its 58 metres high lighthouse, nice beach and the 9 holes golfcourt. And last but not least, there is the village of Ballum where the airport is situated with opportunities for parasailing and paragliding.

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